The Joys and Overload of NFL Redzone

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  1. Blake Hampton says:

    The essential problem I have with Redzone, while it is great in principle, is that you can’t just watch a game in and of itself. It is like you’ve crashed on the couch at ESPN HQ and the guy there has control of the remote where he flicks back and forth. The Steelers v Bengals game this morning is one I’d love to watch by itself but unless I pay US$270 for a Game Pass for the season (which I won’t) – then you can only see highlights. 7mate does show some stand alone games at this time as well – might be an option to check the guide and see what they play if you don’t like Redzone

    1. Chris Sinclair says:

      My solution is usually Rezone going on the TV, game I really want to focus on playing on the laptop. Mind you I had Game Pass last year. This season I’ll be living abroad, so still weighing up whether I’m going to subscribe or not…

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